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Make A Monetary Donation?  Volunteer?
The Lancaster Children's Home needs your help.  We hope you can donate your time or money to assist us in our mission to help care for the young boys and girls in our care.  There are many ways in which you can help. 

Donate Supplies
The Lancaster Children's Home is always in need of supplies to help care for our children.  We hope you will be able to assist us in our mission.


Lancaster Children's Home

About Us
The Lancaster Children's Home, located in Lancaster, South Carolina, has been caring for hurting children and families since 1961.  Initially, the Home provided essential residential care (i.e. food, shelter, clothing aid) to boys who for various reasons required out-of-home placement.  Many of them were virtually homeless.  Others had parents and homes to return to when feasible.

In 2002, the Lancaster Children's Home moved to a 121-acre location that includes separate campuses for the girls and boys.  The facility currently provides facilities for 10 high management females and 10 moderate management males and 10 low management males.  The home has a staff of 33 which includes a full-time licensed therapist.  The Home also utilizes a volunteer program as well as mentors from the community.

Our Mission
It is the Mission of the Lancaster Children's Home to provide children in distress a safe haven in which to work on the issues that have caused them to be placed in an out-of-home environment.

Our Services
Through the years, most individuals evidenced a history of dysfunctional and sometimes abusive family backgrounds.  The staff came to the realization the family as a whole needed to be addressed and assisted.  By treating the children and their families, the family as a whole improves tremendously.

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